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German skin care is in demand more than ever before

Nowadays, K-Beauty and J-Beauty are both very “on trend” in the cosmetics market. This is because the formulations, which come from South Korea and Japan, are seen as highly visionary. For those in the cosmetics industry wondering who can keep up with this pace of innovation: G-Beauty is the answer!

German cosmetics – or “G-Beauty” – are gaining ground because they win people over, not just because they focus on innovation, but also thanks to the high degree of quality they offer. Formulas are comprehensively assessed to ensure their effectiveness and skin tolerability.

Made in GErmany

The natural health of the skin is always a priority! Beauty salons, clinics and spas rely on the precise German formulas that more than live up to their “Made in Germany” reputation, which is seen internationally as a guarantee for success. It’s not just Hollywood stars that swear by German formulas. The Asian market (which takes the lead when it comes to cosmetic trends these days) also relies on the valuable, high-quality, and effective active ingredient formulas from Germany. It won’t come as a surprise then that JANSSEN COSMETICS, a pioneer in the cosmeceutical industry, now exports to over 85 countries worldwide.

The family-run business from Aachen, Germany, has been established for over 20 years and still passionately stands for high-quality and innovative formulas. JANSSEN COSMETICS started by developing a unique system of skincare, which bridged the gap between pure cosmetics and science-driven skincare. Cosmeceutical products at it’s finest. They have their finger on the pulse with their formulas, which closely follow German beauty trends and are also met with great popularity on an international level. This is because the company doesn’t just rely on high-quality formulas driven by science, but also on an exceptional commitment to quality, both within the company as well as in the training it provides to its national and international partners.