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RadiantReboot: Facial Detox Training for Glowing Skin


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Professional training on DETOX treatment from Janssen Cosmetics

Detox treatment training from Janssen Cosmetics

The skin is ready to breathe freely and be full of vitality!

• "DETOX" is an intensive anti-ageing program for improving the quality of the skin, based on stimulating the natural detoxification system of cells.

• Holistic approach to correcting skin problems. Detoxification is a crucial component of comprehensive holistic recovery.

• Active ingredients and innovative products are designed to help the skin remove impurities and toxins.

• Skin detoxification is an effective method to improve skin quality and kick start rejuvenating process.

• Understand the science behind detoxification and how it relates to the skin

Exclusive Training

Expand your knowledge on how to successfully execute Janssen Cosmetics treatments and provide your clients with a wonderful facial experience!



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